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Pexis offers professional protection for those seeking a security company in San Diego County.  Our
services are structured to meet the needs of our clients, and our customer service sets the standard
that other companies aspire to follow.  Pexis is committed to customer satisfaction first, efficiency of
operation and adherence to the highest standards of professional security service.  This means that
you are receiving friendly and professional service at the best prices.  The safety of YOUR personnel,
YOUR patrons or clients, and YOUR assets will never be compromised by improper cost cutting,
shortcuts, or inattention.  YOU are the reason we exist.  

All security personnel hired by Pexis are carefully screened, including a full criminal background
check, past employment verifications, drug testing and a series of interviews.  All our security officers
are licensed by the Bureau of Security and Investigations, California Department of Consumer
Affairs.  We continue to train our security officers in Public Relations, Hospitality and Customer
Service, Safety, Marksmanship, Trespass, Arrest Powers, Appearance, Patrol Procedures, Domestic
Violence, Ethics, Use of Force, Report Writing, etc.
Dependability: Means that you can be trusted to complete a job and that you are consistently putting
forth your best effort in an attempt to achieve the highest standards of performance.

Integrity: Means that you are honest and truthful in what you say or do.  You put honesty,
sense of duty, and sound moral principles above all else.

Judgment: Is your ability to think about things clearly, calmly, and in an orderly fashion so that you
can make good decisions.

Justice: Is the practice of being fair and consistent and following the Law.  A just person gives
consideration to each side of a situation.

Tact: Means that you can deal with people in a manner that will maintain good relations and avoid
problems.  It means that you are polite, calm, and firm.

Bearing: Is the way you conduct and carry yourself.  Your manner should reflect alertness,
competence, confidence, and control.  Never be content with meeting only the minimum

Decisiveness: Means that you are able to make good decisions without delay.  Get all the facts and
weigh them against each other.  By acting calmly and quickly, you should arrive at a
sound decision.  You announce your decisions in a clear, firm, professional manner.

Knowledge: Is the understanding of your profession.  Knowledge means that you have
acquired information and that you understand people. Your knowledge should be broad, and
in addition to knowing your job, you should know your employer’s, clients, and site’s policies and
keep up with current events.

Initiative: Is taking action even though you haven't been given orders.  It means meeting
new and unexpected situations with prompt action.  It includes using resourcefulness to get
something done without the normal material or methods being available to you.

Enthusiasm: Is defined as a sincere interest and exuberance in the performance of your duties. If
you are enthusiastic, you are optimistic, cheerful, and willing to accept the challenges of
your job.

Unselfishness: Means that you avoid making yourself comfortable at the expense of others. Be
considerate of others.  Give credit to those who deserve it.

Loyalty: Means that you are devoted to your country, Pexis, and to your seniors, peers, and

Courage: Is what allows you to remain calm while recognizing fear.  Moral courage means having
the inner strength to stand up for what is right and to accept blame when something is your fault.  
Physical courage means that you can continue to function effectively when there is physical danger

Endurance: The mental and physical stamina measured by the ability to withstand the pain, fatigue,
stress and hardship of standing or working long hours.

Unarmed security guards are personnel whose main function and responsibility are to observe
and report while enforcing the applicable rules in a proactive manner. These security guards,
through their presence, serve as deterrents to crime and violence and are responsible for
notifying law enforcement, property managers and immediate supervisors of disturbances,
criminal activity, and emergencies that may arise on the properties they are contracted to
protect.  They also are responsible for maintaining an accurate record of everything that
occurs during their shift as well as an independent record of all incidents requiring special

An armed security officer's role and responsibility includes and exceeds that of a unarmed
security officer.  Armed officers are trained in the use of firearms, which they carry while on
duty.  They are employed to maintain and uphold the law while offering a stronger deterrent in
situations where crime is more likely to occur.  Their training and equipment provides them
an extended use of force when necessary to protect the client's personnel and assets.