The CEO of Pexis is an experienced and Court qualified Expert
Witness in the Security Area.    You may call Mr. Thibault directly
to discuss how your case may benefit from his expertise, which
includes the following:

  •        Premises Liability
  •        Foreseeability
  •        Standards of Performance for Bouncers, Security    
              Personnel, et al.
  •        Pre-Employment Background Investigations
  •        General Investigations
  •        Industrial Espionage & Intelligence
Pexis investigators have a wide range of experience in the investigations field, including veterans of
Federal Intelligence Agencies, the military, and law enforcement agencies.  While Pexis is located in
Southern California, our investigative capabilities cover the entire U.S. and, through our worldwide
network of associates, we regularly manage investigations all over the world, including Asia, Europe and
Latin America.

The investigative areas in which Pexis has extensive experience include the following:

  •       Pre-Employment Investigations (entry level to senior executive positions).
  •       Workplace Investigations (sexual harassment, discrimination, drug use, threats, etc.).
  •       Retail Integrity Investigations (including bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.).
  •       Fraud, Theft, Embezzlement investigations (including undercover operations).
  •       Stalking (physical, technical/electronic).
  •       Skip Tracing (bad debts, former colleagues, family members, et al).
  •       Divorce cases (asset searches, suitability for custody, visitation supervision).
  •       Civil Law Suit support, including witness locates and interviewing.
  •       Surveillance operations (including covert photography).
  •       Due Diligence Investigations (individuals, corporations, associations).
  •       Discreet Personal Investigations (romantic, caretakers, respite workers, et al).
  •       Asset Searches (nationwide real estate, business affiliations, financial, etc.)
  •       Special Investigations tailored to suit circumstances (e.g., suspicious incidents).
  •       Service of Process.

Call the Pexis offices for a confidential talk with an investigator and learn how we may be able to help you,
your loved ones, or your business overcome unexpected problems or resolve old issues that have been
vexing you for months or years.